Total Ecommerce Solutions helps the Tally.ERP 9 users to manage their Ecommerce transactions on Tally product by importing the data from Ecommerce portal. The application also provides all the necessary reports.

  • Introduction

    Tally.ERP 9 is the leading ERP software in India for managing company accounts, inventory, and payroll.

    The product is used by over 9.5 lakh customers in India of which over 3 lakh are traders and retailers. As the retailers are also adopting and selling on the e-Commerce platforms, the need for managing their transactions on Tally becomes very important.

    Business owners who are operating an online store need to manage both the Tally ERP 9 enabled physical stores and web stores. Managing both the systems separately requires repeated data entry on both systems. Syncing both the technology applications eliminates this double data entry.

  • Solutions

    Total Ecommerce, provides solutions for Ecommerce with Tally ERP 9. It helps merchants to bridge the gap between these two different applications. Solution with Tally ERP 9 helps Merchants to upload and updates orders, inventory, Customers’ info & VAT/CST, into Tally.ERP 9.
    This upload is done in the offline mode.

  • Functionalities

    1. Total Ecommerce Solutions work, across India Merchant / Seller.

    2. Taken care of multiple Warehouse as well as Drop-shipment / Merchant Model.

    3. Ability to upload sales information along with Customer Info, product information, VAT/CST, Shipping charges & Gift Packing

    4. Returns handled by reversal of entries and knocking off against Order

    5. Import charges : Order wise for Order Payment as well as Refund.

    6. Upload Receipt against respective order

    7. Keep track of Damaged Returns

    8. Order wise Receivable Report

    9. Claims Management.

  • Benefits

    1. No manual retyping of transactions in Tally, leading to hassle free import of data.

    2. Time and effort of manual entry is greatly reduced.

    3. Statutory compliance as all the transactions are maintained in one system.

    4. Reports for Pending amount against Order.

    5. Return Scrutiny Report – Actual Receipt of Material, Quality of Return Material, Raise of Claim, actual receipt of Claim.

    6. Detailed reports to see the summary of transactions help in taking better decisions.

    By offering this highly functional system, solution aims at three things - reduce operational time of the store, reduce operational cost and increase productivity.
    As per estimations a typical retailer can save up to 5 hours per day. The retailer can focus on sales and promotions rather than the transactions management.

Business Functions

Detailed fields captured in different business functions:

1. Stock Item master

  • Create / Update Stock Item master with ASIN No, FSN No etc,
  • Along with Category, VAT Rate, FIFO.
    • 2. Sales

      • Customer Name & Address
      • Tax Invoice No, with Inventory, Qty, Price, Amount
      • Within same state then VAT else CST
      • Shipping Charges, with bifurcation of VAT / CST
      • Carrier & Tracking No
      • Order No wise tacking with Date Info
      • Take Print of Invoice
      • This help to generate VAT / CST Computation in Tally.erp 9 rel 5.1.2
        • 3. Return

          • Customer Name & address
          • Reversal of Inventory, Qty, Price, Amount
          • Within same state then VAT else CST Reversal
          • Reversal of Shipping Charge
          • Order Date & Number
          • Reversal of VAT, CST will affect Computation in Tally.ERP 9 rel 5.1.2
          • Knock off Against Order

4. Charges Booking

  • Charges, Commission on Order
  • Other Concession Charges
  • Easy Shipping Charges
  • Return charges

5. Receipt

  • Auto Adjustment of multiple Order amount in Single Receipt entry.
  • Also take care of Previous Reserve as well as current Reserve Amount

6. Unsellable Return scrutiny report

  • Report for return material, unsellable & Damaged Goods.
  • Tracking of physically receipt of material, against portal return.
  • Receipt of same material or any other material. Ex Sale of Mobile and while receipt, other than mobile receive.
  • Raise of Claim against damaged return material
  • Actual receipt of claim amount with date

7. Receivable Report

  • Report shows complete Tracking of financial Order status.Report shows Order Wise receivable, with detail bifurcation financial Order status

8. Order Profitability Report

  • Report shows complete Tracking of financial Order Profitability. In single line complete financial info, Sales – Return – charges - receipt - Means Order wise Paise Paise ka Hisab.

Actual Screens

Below screen shows the actual interface screens developed in Tally.

See the screenshots!


  • Q: It is in Tally.ERP 9 only?
  • A: No, it’s an Integration Tool in Tally.ERP 9 through TDL

  • Q: How to import Inventory / Stock Item Master?
    How to list product in tally?
  • A: As we are running business on amazon, flipkart, paytm etc Multiple Portal, so is it possible to manage my stock items if I am using same company for all Portal? Ans: Yes, it is very much possible as we have feature to create or updating stock item master. Tool which will update ASIN, FSN, SPUC code for specific product.

  • Q: Do we have to work on Excel to copy paste in to your Excel Format, means any common format of excel?
  • A: We worked on Original Portal Excel Sheet, no need of copy paste to make other common sheet.

  • Q: Will import same sheet. How to keep track? Means Duplication of records
  • A: duplication of any transaction not possible, it will show error report. (In case of sales and return only)

  • Q: What will be speed of Import, from Excel to Tally?
  • A: Speed of Import, more than 1000 voucher in less than a minute

  • Q: Will this tool compatible on merchant as well as FBA/ Warehouse model?
  • A: Yes, it will work on merchant as well as multi location FBA Model. Along with this say if u have multiple location warehouse at Bhiwandi, Delhi, Gujarat, Jaipur etc. will also work.

  • Q: Will work at all India merchant?
  • A: Yes it will work for across India merchant.

  • Q: This Tool, work on Pirated Tally? Old release say 2+, 3+, 4+ etc.?
  • A: This Integration tool only work with Latest License Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 5+
  • Q: Will this tool work on any other software?
  • A: No, This Integration tool will work only on Tally.ERP 9

  • Q: What is the basic requirement to use this software?
  • A: Tally ERP 9 single or multi User License // if not then you can go for rental license.

  • Q: If we use your tool, will it disturb the existing tally features?
  • A: Not at all, as we have given you a way to import data, nothing will disturb internal

  • Q: Can we use our Invoice Numbering format?
  • A: No, as we use all Portal data sheet so it is not possible to maintain our invoice number.

  • Q: As you are using the portal sheets directly, it is possible that sheets will change, how you people manage for that?
  • A: Once you purchase this tool, we keep on providing the updated Integration Tools

  • Q: As we are already using TDL for something … with that it is possible to use your TDL also? Is it your TDL program will compatible with our existing TDL program file?
  • A: Yes, as our tool is flexible in that condition.

  • Q: We are working on multiple portal, out of many of portal solutions you have, but rest of portal can u develop for us?
  • A: It is very much possible to develop new portal integration.

  • Q: Want to Generate Barcode from Tally while return the product
  • A: Generation of Barcode from Tally.ERP 9 very much possible.

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